Beautiful words! And though it’s been a few years since I attended a retreat with you, I still remember it with such clarity, as the depths to which you took us were a profound experience for mind, body & heart. So glad you are now sharing your wisdom on this platform, & I look forward to reading more. ❤️

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Ayala is a a peaceful and gracious force of truth love and expansion. She expresses herself so beautifully you fall into a trance your heart opens your soul speaks and you can feel it all. You experience a knowing of truth and unhesitatingly begin to live into it.

Ayala is one of the most profound spiritual teachers I have ever encountered. Yet it is all held with such a sweetness and humility that it all feels as natural as a cup of tea.

To know her is to love her. To love her is a gift.

I am forever grateful for her teachings.

Tanya x

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So great to have you in Substack! I found the last Devon retreat a revelation. I was v worried about six days of silence but decided I rather liked my quiet self and felt stretched and comforted and held in a way which allowed me to visit some pretty deep parts of myself. And we swim with the seal every day and revelled in Sharpham’s beauty, the full moon and each other. It was magical. Go - it just might change your life…

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