About me

I have been committed to a path of insight and awakening since my early twenties, practising Iyengar yoga since 1977, Insight Meditation and the Dharma since 1995, Insight Yoga (including Yin yoga and psychospiritual enquiry) since 2001 and the spiritual practices of the Andean-Inkan Holy Mountain tradition since 2017. I teach silent retreats in Europe which include yoga, meditation and ceremony, workshops in London and meditation courses online. I am currently writing a book offering a path which integrates these practices into daily life. I live with my husband and three children between London and Dorset, where we are using regenerative farming methods to enhance biodiversity. You can find out more here: www.ayalagill.com

Why I’m here

I am humbled and fascinated by the potential of the practices of yoga, meditation and animism to enhance our relationship to body, heart, mind and spirit – and passionate about translating this potential into everyday life. Life, for me, is both a classroom of soul growth and a playground of infinite possibility. It is by moving through the many classrooms that we continue to inhabit the infinite scope of the playground! 

This space is to explore together both classroom and playground. It’s a space to remember the vastness we truly are whilst navigating the enormous vulnerability of being human, until the vastness and vulnerability become one. A sacred relationship. Love. 

It is also a space where I will share upcoming retreats, workshops and courses.

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Reflections on Living in Sacredness


Ayala Gill

Yoga, meditation, Dharma, psychospiritual enquiry and animism. Passionate about living beyond war and the radical potential for Love to transform. www.ayalagill.com